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Selling or Buying a Home can be an Intimidating Experience.

Let's face it. Unless you are a real estate agent or real estate investor yourself, you don't buy or sell real estate every day, every month, every year like realtors do.  The typical homeowner lives in their home for several years before selling. So much changes in just a few short years. Technology, agents, and new methods of marketing come and go; it seems faster than ever.

Preparing to sell or buy a home is not what you spend your time to become an expert on every day.  You spend that time on your profession, your family, and the things that are most important to you in your life.

Just as you are an expert in your profession and serve others with your expertise, a highly qualified real estate agent can make all the difference in the world for your home sale. Finding that perfect agent has always been difficult. Most of us have had to resort to recommendations from family or friends, or maybe neighbors or coworkers. It has always been a bit of a gamble.

With Zipi Wiki, you now have the ability to find excellent agents faster than ever. By simply entering your home's address, we can quickly identify exactly which agents have sold the most homes, just like yours, in your neighborhood, to provide you with the best agent choice available to list your home with.

We provide 3 recommendations so you can still interview and decide on the one you like best. Every agent is a little different and you want to find the one you click with. Because we sort through thousands of potential agents and narrow it down to the top 3, you can interview each agent with the confidence of knowing all 3 will perform well. It's just a matter of which one you like best.

In addition to finding top home selling agents, we also cross reference these agents with client reviews to make sure they are also great people to work with.

Working with the top agent in your neighborhood puts you at a huge advantage over competing homes in your area.

The Benefits of a Real Estate Agent Matched Just for You

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    Your agent will have sold more homes, just like yours, than any other agent in your zip code, during the last 3 months.
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    Your agent will know how to price your home exactly right. Not too high, where it will go stale and may be perceived as having something wrong with it. And not too low, where you will leave money on the table.
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    Your agent will know and understand your neighborhood better than other agents. They may even have buyers in hand that lost out on other home sales in your neighborhood.
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    Your agent will have higher customer satisfaction ratings than other agents, so you can know and trust them before they even start working for you.
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    Your agent will be prescreened and verified by Zipi Wiki real estate experts, so you can avoid the stress of interviewing the wrong candidates.

You get 3 choices, so you can still choose the agent you like the best. Everyone's a little different, right? You need to work with someone that gives you good vibes and you feel comfortable with.

So start your selection process by determining exactly which highly rated agents are selling the most homes, just like yours, in your neighborhood.

All of your dreams really are just a click away.

You already have plans for those extra few thousand dollars, don't you?

So don't hesitate, and make your request today.

"We want to leverage all of our experiences, knowledge, and insights for you and your family"

Zipi Wiki provides you with compelling advantages.

We will do the following for you:

- Sort through thousands of potential agents

- Narrow the list to only top performers

- Expertly interview the agents and prescreen them

- Cross reference the final list with agent reviews

- Provide you with the 3 best agents

Our Values, Goals, and Mission

  • Values:  We value honest hard work. We are passionate about sharing expertise that can greatly benefit your real estate journey. We think being an amazing guide for you, as you strive to reach your goals, is a worthy endeavor. We are committed to being the very best we can be for you.
  • Goals:  You deserve to achieve maximum success with your home sale and new home purchase. We believe in helping you get the highest price you can, while selling as expeditiously as possible. We want you to find and close on your next dream home, so that your life can brightly shine with the joyful opportunities that are found in a new home. Sometimes, achieving all of this for you can be difficult.  But most things worth pursuing and accomplishing in life are difficult. We're okay with that challenge. We're on this journey with you.  And we're going to get you there.
  • Mission:  Choosing the most qualified expert to list your home with is the single most important decision you will make. Our mission is to empower you to make an exceptional real estate agent hiring decision.

The Story Behind Zipi Wiki

David Haug

David N. Haug


I've been an entrepreneur all my life and a Realtor for over 11 years.  That's over 4,000 days of being in an industry that doesn't exactly have the most glowing reviews. If you have been involved in real estate long enough, you have probably come across a bad agent or two.

Many people think that all realtors care about is their commission. Plenty of folks think agents will lie if it serves their own best interest.  People think and feel this way because sometimes it's true. Some agents are simply in it for themselves and they will do whatever it takes to serve themselves above all others, including you.

If that doesn't sit well with you, good. It doesn't sit well with me either.

So what can we do about it?

I think we have a pretty simple solution. Together, let's push away all the bad apples and keep the good ones for ourselves.

You might be wondering how to do this.  It's something I have put a tremendous amount of time and thought into.

I'm like you. I want to be treated fairly. I want to receive really good service. I think that professionals that are truly exceptional in what they do, in all things in life, are the people I want to hire.

If you want the best service providers in your life, then we're on the same team and we think the same way about that.

So here is my plan for us. My team and I have developed a sophisticated system to identify which agents are the top performing real estate agents in any given neighborhood or zip code. Using technology and skilled professional interviewers, we are able to quickly determine who is best positioned to sell your home or help you buy a new one.

It's powerful to be able to go through thousands of agents to calculate top agents based on key performance indicators.  However, you and I aren't just numbers. We are real human beings that want a great working relationship with the agents we hire.

So, in addition to finding top performers, we also interview them and make sure they are also great to work with. We check references from past clients and we make sure they are as good as they appear to be.

The reason we provide 3 agent recommendations is so that you can choose who you like best. Selling your home is such an important moment in your life. It is critical you work with someone you trust. Someone you enjoy. And, someone you communicate well with.

Your home sale and home purchase is worth hundreds of thousands of dollars to you. Making the best decision on who to list with will either make you a few extra thousand dollars or cost you a few thousand dollars.  I don't know about you, but I think having a few extra thousand dollars can come in very handy. There is always something we're dreaming about, that we can accomplish, if we just had a little more money.

Choosing the top performing real estate agent, that you also enjoy being with, is the single most important decision you will make. Not only will it ensure you have a great experience when selling or buying a home, but it might also make you a few extra bucks.

Here are some things I personally believe in...

1. Be honest with people.

Call me old fashioned, but my grandpa and dad taught me, "Your word is your bond. Don't ever lose your integrity. Once you sell it, you can never buy it back."

2. Work hard.

I still haven't found any shortcuts on this one. Maybe it's because there is always something to work on. Just when I think I've arrived with something, I look around and realize there is more work to do. Part of the challenge is balance in life.  The harder I work, the less time I have with family. The more stressed I get, the worse I eat and sleep. It's really about balance I suppose. Make your list of priorities and then work hard on keeping balance in life.

3. Love

Love the people you are with. Love what you do for a living. Love opportunity. Love challenges. There is lots to love in life and I think it is probably the most important emotion to pursue. Sometimes when I lose sight of this, I do my best to just stop and think about what I am most grateful for in life. It always seems to do the trick.

Zipi Wiki Facts


In many cities, there are thousands of real estate agents to choose from. Zipi Wiki analyzes every single agent, in every market we serve, to pinpoint exactly which 3 agents are most likely to serve your real estate needs the best.


Not only are Zipi Wiki recommended agents the top producers in your neighborhood, but we also cross screen and reference their actual reputation and customer service levels. This ensures that you can hire an exemplary agent that you also love to work with.


Zipi Wiki expertly interviews each qualified real estate agent before recommending them to you. Think of it as a real estate agent interviewing other agents to find the best one to list their home with. You can imagine all the right questions are asked, because they are.

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