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The Zipi Wiki agent search service is free for you to use. You are only charged if you decide to hire a recommended agent. The standard cost is $199. From time to time, Zipi Wiki conducts promotional campaigns and discounts the price. Zipi Wiki will send you a list of the top 3 performing agents in your neighborhood. We recommend you interview each one of them to decide who you like best. If, after you interview all 3 agents, you decide not to hire any of them, you will not be charged for this service.

Our recommendations are based on the best available information at the time of our analysis. You need to select the real estate agent you are most comfortable with. Your real estate broker/client relationships are strictly between you and the real estate broker you select.

You are under no obligation to use a Zipi Wiki recommended agent. Zipi Wiki may receive a referral fee for making real estate broker recommendations, but in no way whatsoever can brokers pay Zipi Wiki to be recommended. Recommendations are based on actual agent performance and reviews from actual customers and clients. Agent recommendations are always based on real time data. No other service relies on more accurate and up to date information than Zipi Wiki.

Thank you for trusting Zipi Wiki to set yourself up for home selling success. We wish you the very best in your home sale and new home purchase!

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