​​​Real Estate Pro Shares Insider Secrets on the Most Powerful Question to Ask When Hiring a Real Estate Agent.

Ask this one question and practically guarantee your home sell success.

Yes, it is that good.

Sadly, when hiring a real estate agent to list your home with, the agent will never tell you if they are NOT the right agent to work with.

There is one question you can ask your potential agents to find out if you are making a great hiring decision, BEFORE you sign a contract.

1 Simple Interview Question...

Provides all the Answers you Need to Hire the Right Realtor



It had been 6 years since we last sold our home. Our last agent actually moved away so we were kind of starting from scratch. I came across Zipi Wiki's "One Interview Question" and felt really empowered with our agent interviews. We had gotten some recommendations from friends on who to use, but I've always been nervous in interviews, even when I've been the interviewer!  This one question gave me the framework I needed to really hold my potential agents accountable, and it basically weeded out a bad candidate. We went with the agent that had great answers. Our home sale was smooth sailing. We closed for $5,300 over our list price!

Felicia B.

Madison, WI


I feel like I stumbled across one of the best kept secrets in real estate. The one interview question is great. The answers are even better. But here is the biggest secret everybody, "You need to ask the interview question to the right potential agents!"

What's so great about Zipi Wiki is that not only do I now know the right questions to ask, what answers to listen for, but I also know EXACTLY which agents to interview.

As you will learn from exploring Zipi Wiki, they are able to pinpoint exactly which agents are selling the most homes in any particular neighborhood. We received a list of 3 recommended agents and reviewed each one.

When we interviewed the agents, we didn't have a dud in the mix. We could tell immediately that we were interviewing the best of the best. It was a little bit hard to choose from our embarrassment of riches when it came to making a choice, so we just went with the one we liked the best.

p.s. We knew all 3 were crushing it, so we didn't feel THAT bad about the other two not being selected, LOL!

Eloise S.
Middleton, WI


I am always reluctant to give out my name and email address, especially in this day and age. But, since we were looking to hire an agent, and we wanted to make a good choice, I decided what the hell.

Boy am I glad I made the request. Not only was I never spammed or anything like that, but I immediately received my request after confirming my connection to Zipi Wiki.

The one interview question is THE QUESTION to ask. It's kind of funny, it is actually quite obvious.  What I found most fascinating wasn't the question itself, it was the coaching I received on how to ask it and what to LISTEN for. That made ALL the difference in making the right choice on who to hire.

I now tell everyone I know to request Zipi Wiki's One Interview Question. Included is a handy checklist and the expert coaching I mentioned.

Julie M.
Sun Prairie, WI

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1 Simple Interview Question...

Provides all the Answers you Need to Hire the Right Realtor


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